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2017-03-17 13:40:54 by jennyleigh

Hi guys! Ugh, I'm so sorry for the absence again. I haven't been able to work on much art because I've been so busy with business school, but I am getting the itch to produce a new piece again! 

The news I want to announce, is that my lovely boyfriend proposed to me back in January! <3 The ring he gave me is a custom The Legend of Zelda engagement ring, which I am absolutely in love with. (I really hope he didn't spend too much lmao.) Zelda is one of my favorite games I have ever played, probably my favorite of all time is Ocarina of Time. Such a masterpiece. Anyways, I really hope to reignite my artwork, expecially that I'll be moving to Wyoming from New York in May right after I graduate. I will have plenty of mountainous landscapes to observe, and who knows, maybe I'll learn how to draw landscapes better!

Until next time! Thank you!

-Jenny <3

Life is Different

2016-10-06 12:03:26 by jennyleigh

My life is so different now. I have a new boyfriend, whom I love immensly. I;m back in school now studying business and have so many plans. I am so happy! <3


2013-12-12 21:25:54 by jennyleigh

Remembering a date from years ago with my boyfriend on the phone :D The good times we've had make me always remember why I love him and how I fell in love with him. He's the light in my life. I love him so much. We went to see the disney movie UP when it came out in theathers. We both cried when the woman died. Thats why I love him. :)

Why must they do a mid season finale?! Are they trying to torture me?! :( such a sad face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate when they do this. That is all. Have a wonderful December first :)

WOW! <3

2013-11-27 20:37:52 by jennyleigh

So this may seem a little ridiculous, however this is pretty freaking exciting to me lolol. 6 freaking fans! <3 Who knew I could have fans?! Thats pretty sweet! :D Greatly appreciated! I so wish that I would have inuyashas drawing uploaded by now but the colors are not exactly what I wanted. I abandoned a project, and I feel really bad about it. However at the end of the day I just didnt have the time and I wasnt getting paid. Sad. Im glad I got to do two drawings for them but I just dont have the time. Ive got so many things going on with work that it's hard to even find time to draw :( hopefully when winter comes around, ill be only working four days a week for the nursery that the fifth day i would normally be working will be dedicated to art. Thank for reading and HAPPY THANKSGIVING TOMORROW EVERYONE! <3

Jenny Leigh

Mind if I rant a little?

2013-11-03 17:38:08 by jennyleigh

I feel like on newgrounds traditional art isn't valued as much as digital. Either that or my art work sucks major bananas. Either way it's horrible the outcome. I've gotten some pretty good comment reviews that are encouraging however the votes on the left side of the page are always low. So depressing. What is there to keep me motivated? I do a lot of traditional art and if it's always going to be compared to digital how is that going to be rewarding in anyway? Oh poop. I wanted this to be more than just a hobby of mine.

New piece

2013-10-19 16:31:33 by jennyleigh

Currently I am working on a drawing of some Inuyasha characters in a pose together. Photo referenced of course. I've been working on it on and off for the past few weeks because of blocks in my abilities, (makes me frustrated and angry.) So, hopefully I'll have it done soon to upload (we'll see how that goes.)

New piece

Taking so long again....

2013-09-29 21:18:17 by jennyleigh

I am doing my best on these free lance pieces. They are taking so long but that's because I want to get them right. My art never takes me this long. I must really be trying my all of these guys! Hope to have them up as soon as possible and I'm so sorry for the delay! Hope you enjoy them when I'm done! <3

And to make you laugh, here's a goofy doctored up picture of My boyfriend and I hahahahahahaha! See I like to laugh :D

Taking so long again....

Taking so long.

2013-09-28 19:14:40 by jennyleigh

Who knew this was going to take me so long. I'm so meticulous. And now I noticed that I made a mistake now after ive inked her..... poop! Do I try and redo her legs? O.o HELP!!!!


2013-09-25 23:09:51 by jennyleigh

OMG! Who knew that free lance projects for someone else could be so much fun and educational! :D I think this character is coming together nicely! I can't wait to send it in! :D